image of a red painted barn with dark gray shingled roof, positioned against a tree background with out buildings, small corn patch and garden area. the barn has a stone and cement base and has a natural wood fence that extends from one barn corner out and around a small pasture area, reconnecting to the opposite corner of the barn

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two young girls and a young boy, wearing 4-H t-shirts, walking on a path out of the woods

4-H Youth Development

4-H involves youth (Kindergarten -13th Grade) in project-based education. Through project learning, youth explore their interests (“sparks”) and master new skills.

image of a farming tractor, preparing the soil for the next crop planting with a neighborhood of houses and a church in the background at sunset


If it happens on a farm or in a field, the Extension Institute of Agriculture works with you to achieve better results.

image of a young mother and young daughter in a white kitchen preparing food on the counter with stove and sink in the backgound


Providing nutrition education to advance health eating habits and active livestyles for families with limited incomes.

image of a group of older teens sitting in a library at a table with laptops with an older woman with glasses celebrating with hands up about to share a high-five

Community Youth Development

Focusing on youth leadership and connecting youth and adults to promote collaboration within community organizations.

image of a young mother and early grade school aged young lady, kneeling   and sitting alongside a raised bed garden, with a tin watering can and collecting vegetables in a basket


Educating our local community with environmentally sound advise on topics from soil to trees, water quality to plant health, and beneficial to harmful insects.

image of a Strong Bodies exercise class, looking over the shoulder of the instructor with small orange exercise dumbbell weights lifted at her shoulder,  with an elderly woman seated in a chair with purple dumbbell weights lifted at her shoulders

Health & Well-Being

Focusing on food and nutrition, StrongBodies, mental health well-being, coping with stress, substance use prevention, and achieving better health equity.

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