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Partners make a difference! In the projects we share across the community AND our daily lives. Get your family, friends, and coworkers involved. A partner supports you on those days you don’t have the energy. One of the best ways to incorporate more physical activity into your life is adding it to activities that you already do such as your commute to work. Read more about the benefits!

Health and Well-Being According to the Center for Disease Control’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, adults are supposed to get 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

FoodWIse It’s important to fuel your body correctly when riding a bike.

‘Sparks’ are what bring you excitement and joy. Wisconsin 4-H encourages youth to explore their ‘sparks’ through hands on learning by choosing projects.

Just like the spokes on a bike’s wheel, our educational programming connects our Rock County office and community. You can learn more using the following resources.

Biking can

  • reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and many types of cancers
  • decrease risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease 
  • decrease your risk of obesity
  • reduce pollution which, in turn, lowers the risk of respiratory diseases
  • help build stronger muscles and improve coordination
  • reduce stress on the body because it is a low impact activity
  • help improve sleep

Biking improves your mental health in the following ways:

  • decreases depression symptoms
  • having walkable and bikeable neighborhoods increases social interaction and community cohesion
  • lowers stress levels and stimulates feel-good endorphins
  • increases self confidence 
  • improves energy and mood

To make sure your body has enough energy and nutrients to repair your cells, it is important to consume carbohydrates and protein. Below are helpful recipes that include those important nutrients for the next time you ride:

Energy Bites

Peanut Butter and Banana Oat Bites

Take-A-Long Trail Mix

Apple Wraps

If biking or mechanical science are a 4-H project you would like to try, we recommend:

Great learning videos from Minnesota Extension.

National 4-H curriculum is available through our partnership with Milton Public Library. Search the Share catalog for Bicycling for Fun and Bicycle Helper’s Guide

If your ‘spark’ is community health or leadership, you can also learn more about Youth Advocates for Community Health on the Building Youth Voice tab.



Cycling for Health

Dietary Recommendations for Cyclists During Altitude Training

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Teen Cuisine Coders

Did you receive a food gift card? Did you give a grocery gift card? Do you want to set healthy goals for you or someone you care about? Explore youth created resources by the Teen Cuisine Coders of Beloit Learning Academy! If you use their suggestions, you will have the flexibility to change ingredient selections, use leftover ingredients and save great meals to eat later. 

Too hungry to be creative? Need a solution made easy? Get motivated with this short video!

Now try. . .

    • Recommended recipes-These recipes are chosen by youth.

    • Sample shopping lists-These lists are based on the most common grocery gift card amount donated ($20). By using the list provided, you will be able to make all the recipes shown on the grocery list. (*Prices may vary from the time these lists were created).

    • Tips from youth-These recommendations help choose ingredients you like best and stay within the $20 budget.

Share this resource with someone else! Download our PDF flyer.


Building Youth Voice

The Youth Advocates for Community Health (YACH) initiative creates youth-adult partnerships that allows youth to lead and generate energy among their peers (and adults) to improve the health in their community in ways that matter to them.

Extension provides a YACH guidebook filled with resources for planning a youth-led project through the five steps of action:

    • Choose your Battle – assess the health in your community and narrow down to one area of focus

    • Raise Awareness – speak with community partners to learn about their work and build support

    • Make your action plan- develop a plan for your project

    • Implement your plan – follow the action plan to complete the project

    • Evaluate your plan – assess your project and how you want to move forward

In Rock County. . . Youth Advocates for Community Health is only the beginning!

We LOVE Rock County!

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