Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management Training 

Compliance with Wisconsin standards for Nutrient Management is required for various programs, including Wisconsin’s Farmland Preservation Income Tax Credit program.  Questions about the Farmland Preservation Program in general should be directed the Rock County Land Conservation Department at 608-754-6617 Ext. 3

Landowners or operators interested in developing their own 590 Nutrient Management plan and documentation must complete an approved training course.  An example is the training course(s) offered by DATCP.  Available trainings can be found on the DATCP webpage:

For plans to meet program requirements, soil sample information must be current (sampled within the last 4 years), must be from a Wisconsin certified lab and have a maximum sampling density of 5 acres per sample. Soil samples must be taken before enrolling in class. UW-Extension has soil sampling supplies including probes which can be borrowed.

For more information, download information on:

Sampling Instructions (pdf)

Soil Sample Form for Field, Vegetable and Fruit Crops (pdf)

Testing labs and information (link)

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