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Animal agriculture is an important economic force in Rock County. It includes hundreds of family-owned farms, related businesses and industries that provide equipment, services and additional products farmers need to process, market and deliver food and fiber to consumers. The Rock County Dairy and Livestock program provides education and assistance to keep this important industry viable. It also works with local governments on land-use issues to protect our agricultural land base, one of the counties greatest natural resources. Major programs include:

  • Dairy and Livestock Production and Management
  • Farm Financial Management
  • Direct Market – Alternative Ag Enterprises
  • Land Use Education
  • Dairy and Livestock Facility Modernization
  • Dairy and Livestock Youth Educational Programs

Agriculture Items of Interest

  • UW – Extension Farmer to Farmer Corn and Forage List: Puts Wisconsin farmers in touch with one another for the purpose of buying and/or selling corn and forage. The farmer to farmer list is free of charge to both buyers and sellers. Users can list or search for high moisture corn, corn grain, corn silage, alfalfa haylage, sorghum sudangrass silage, soybean silage, or hay. Visit the Farmer to Farmer Hay, Forage and Corn List.
  • UW Dairy Marketing & Risk Management Program:  The UW Ag Economics Department helps you answer your questions about the use of Dairy Futures and Options for price risk management. Learn more about the UW Dairy Marketing & Risk Management Program.
  • Animal Premise Identification Required: The Wisconsin Premise Registration Act requires anyone who keeps, houses, or co-mingles livestock to register their premises. Premises that are not currently licensed by the DATCP are required to register according to state law. Registration is online at http://www.datcp.state.wi.us/premises/index.jsp

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