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The Extension Institute for Health & Well-Being works to catalyze positive change in Wisconsin communities to promote health and well-being. Our research-based programs are focused on food and nutrition security, chronic disease prevention, mental health promotion, substance use prevention, and access to health care. Rooted in both urban and rural communities, we’re working together to help solve the state’s most pressing well-being needs and to ensure that all Wisconsinites have the opportunity to live stronger, healthier lives.

Our programs include:

Behavioral Health
Working with local leaders to create healthier communities by building community skills, tools and resources to promote health

  • WeCOPE (Connecting with Our Positive Emotions) is an interactive program that helps adults to cope with both short- and long-term stress.
  • QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention for any adults that would like to learn how to save the life of a youth or adult experiencing a suicide crisis in our community.
  • Learning to Breathe is a small group, in-person curriculum for teens to better understand and learn how to deal with emotions in a healthy way.
  • Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues.

Healthy Eating & Active Living
Helping communities provide accessible and safe physical activity spaces and food sources

  • The StrongBodies™ program (formerly known as StrongWomen™) is a 10-12 week exercise program is for all ages of men and women. Each class includes progressive weight training, flexibility, and balance activities. This program catalyzes positive change in people of all ages to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, access to programs, and ongoing support.
  • Research information on Food Safety & Food Preservation Extension can help you keep up to date on current food safety topics, product recalls and provide steps to help keep your family food-safe. Extension offers free research-tested recipes and tips for safely preserving the bounty of your farm or garden. Learn more about using a pressure canner, drying fruits and vegetables at home, fermenting delicious dill pickles, and much more.  Always follow an up-to-date research tested recipe from Extension to ensure that you protect the health of loved ones as you preserve food at home.

Providing nutrition education to advance healthy eating habits and active lifestyles for families with limited incomes

  • FoodWIse advances healthy eating habits, active lifestyles and healthy community environments for families with limited incomes through nutrition education at the individual, community and systems levels.


Center for Patient Partnerships
We do and teach health advocacy to make health care work better for everyone. Visit their website to learn more.

Covering Wisconsin
Connecting Wisconsin residents with health insurance and other programs that support health. Learn more about Covering Wisonsin by visiting their website.

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