Health, Families & Finances

Division of Extension programs respond to community needs with research-based education and programs that support Wisconsin families and communities.

Major programs include:

Improving the health, nutrition and physical activity of residents

  • Rock County StrongWomen™
  • Fit Families Rock
  • Little Steps Big Changes
  • Nutrition & Health Programs
  • FoodWIse Nutrition Education Program

Broadening the capacity of StrongWomen™ in Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin StrongWomen™ trainings

Strengthening Families

  • Childcare Education
  • Parent and Family Education
  • Rock County Community Baby Shower
  • Family Financial Education

Researched information on home preservation

News and Information:

Dealing with Bullies: Tips for Parents

Bullying has been the subject of media reports lately, but in reality, it is a problem that has been around for a long time. In fact, the rate of bullying has stayed fairly steady for the last decade. About twenty-five percent of kids between the ages of 12-18 say they have been bullied in the […]

Keep Summer Healthy and Food-Safe!

Whether you’re enjoying a picnic, a cookout or simply a meal on the back deck, eating outdoors is a highlight of the summer season for most of us. But warmer weather can also set the stage for foodborne illness when foods are cooked or handled improperly, says Rock County Family Living Educator and Registered Dietitian […]

Research: Teenage brains inclined to risk-taking

Parents, if your teen sometimes engages in risky behaviors that seem hard to fathom, take heart. According to a University of Wisconsin-Extension/UW-Madison teen specialist, teenagers are physically, socially and emotionally programmed for behavior that people in other stages of life might find perplexing. “A better understanding of the teenage brain helps to explain this,” says […]

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