Health and Well-Being

Division of Extension programs respond to community needs with research-based education and programs that support Wisconsin families and communities.

Major programs include:

Improving the health, nutrition and physical activity of residents

  • Rock County StrongBodies™
  • Fit Families Rock
  • Little Steps Big Changes
  • Nutrition & Health Programs
  • FoodWIse Nutrition Education Program

Strengthening Families

  • Childcare Education
  • Parent and Family Education
  • Rock County Community Baby Shower
  • Family Financial Education

Research information on home preservation

News and Information:

StrongBodies Fall Sessions

StrongBodies programs are back! Sign up today for sessions starting in September. Classes in Janesville, Evansville and Online! StrongBodies™ (also known as StrongWomen™) is a national evidence-based strength training program developed at Tufts University and is aimed at mid-life and older women and men. The StrongBodies™ program includes progressive strength training and balance and flexibility […]

Supporting Children with Incarcerated Parents

A two-part series for parents & caregivers Free online via Zoom Connect, discuss and engage… Children who are impacted by the incarceration of a parent or loved one sometimes experience extra stress or have difficult questions. This two-part series is designed to support parents and caregivers in justice-involved families. Flyer below for more details. Supporting […]

Dealing with Bullies: Tips for Parents

Bullying has been the subject of media reports lately, but in reality, it is a problem that has been around for a long time. In fact, the rate of bullying has stayed fairly steady for the last decade. About twenty-five percent of kids between the ages of 12-18 say they have been bullied in the […]

Research: Teenage brains inclined to risk-taking

Parents, if your teen sometimes engages in risky behaviors that seem hard to fathom, take heart. According to a University of Wisconsin-Extension/UW-Madison teen specialist, teenagers are physically, socially and emotionally programmed for behavior that people in other stages of life might find perplexing. “A better understanding of the teenage brain helps to explain this,” says […]

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